Normally, the hair grows only in certain areas of the body: scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, chin, armpits, pubic and lower legs, forearms. Hair grows on the chest and back of men. However, for many reasons, including genes, hormones, certain congenital diseases, and more, hair may grow thicker, darker, or stiffer. Also, hair due to these conditions, hair appears in unusual areas of the body.  Stemming from customs, cultural traditions, religion, aesthetics, hygiene, the removal of hair from body area is a must. To remove excessively thick hair from unwanted skin areas is the need and concern of many people. This is where the epilator comes handy. So, does epilation reduce hair growth?

Epilation with the best epilator for men & women is a simple, popular, and inexpensive way to remove hair from skin area. Plus, after regrowth, there is no change in color, hardness, or density (thickness) of body hair. The advantage of this method is that epilation reduce hair growth, the hair re-grows more slowly because the hair follicle gets damaged after plucking.

On the other hand, a certain percentage of damaged hair follicles do not recover, and the hair may not grow back. The downside of this approach is that it causes pain and carries the risk of inflammation of the hair follicles.

Does Epilation Reduce Hair Growth?

Reasons to choose an epilator

Do you want to know the reasons that will convince you to choose an epilation method instead of shaving or wax? Well, here are seven reasons.

Smooth skin for at least two weeks

The hair gets removed from the root, so it will take longer to re-grow. Also, a hairless skin will last for at least two weeks to 1 month, depending on each person. The same result will happen if you wax the fur.

You will enjoy a vacation without worrying that your hair will last longer for at least two weeks. Especially in the winter, you don’t need to pluck or do anything within a month.

Even if the hair grows back, the hair is thinner, so your skin will be quite smooth. But the thing is, every time you pluck, you will feel pain because you only pluck once a month, so your skin doesn’t adapt.

Regrowth will be less (epilation reduce hair growth)

Although once a month, the hair color is not as black as before. My hair used to be very black, rough, and hard from the root. But later, after using the epilator, I realized, after a few months, the regrowth was not as hard as before. But even so, I usually do not take more than one month to pluck once.

The most epilator can be used for the whole body

Epilator can be used for legs, arms, wings, back and bikini area

However, note a few things in advance. Face hair removal can cause redness. You need to take care of your skin, especially if you have acne or sensitive skin. If you are not sure how your skin will react, try some facial wax before trying the epilator.

Epilator is affordable

If you think about pricing, this is the most advanced yet affordable method. Because you will pay for an epilator once and use it for at least two years or more. The machine that is quite soft and is of good quality cost you only $ 30 – Philips HP6401 Satinelle. Usually, the best epilator does not exceed $ 100. Only steps like exfoliation or moisturizing will cost you a little more money.

Epilator does not stain

Very simple guys!

All you need is a towel. I have used a towel for many years as the hair goes through the towel fabric and so the fur will not fly around. If you use a wet & dry epilator, which can be used underwater, the hair will also be removed.

Easy to clean

Epilator does not take you much time! You just need to clean it with a brush and wash the spit. If the machine cannot wash, then leave it to dry for a few days, it will still work fine.

No side effects

In general, when used correctly, there will be no side effects, except that the skin may become slightly red. This also depends on the individual because the sensitivity of each person’s skin is different. Therefore, it is best to pluck at night, so in the morning, your skin will be normal again. Keep skin tight when plucking to avoid soreness!

Three reasons “against” the epilator

I will also talk more about the bad things about using an epilator because we all know that there are good and bad sides. But I believe the advantages of the epilator will outweigh the disadvantages!

  1. Pain

Many women do not use epilator after the first time because the pain is unbearable. Yes, it will hurt because the hair gets removed from the root, so it is not as comfortable as shaving. There are articles on how to adapt the epilator, you should read. Hair removal is painful, but over time you’ll adapt to it.

  1. Ingrown hairs

This side effect is not just related to epilation. Fortunately, ingrown hairs can also be prevented with other helpful products. Basically, everything will be about exfoliation.

  1. Waste of time

This method of hair removal is a bit time-consuming. However, spending 30 minutes on smooth feet is nothing too much.

Once you’ve tried using the epilator, you’ll never want to go back to waxing or shaving again, I promise!