How to Exfoliate Face Naturally

With the increasing number of skin problems, the number of products for curing them has also made a significant increase. Therefore, it has been even difficult for people to choose the best one for their skin. As the skin problems on the face is of deep concern because it affects the appearance, it is essential to cure it using an ultimate remedy. Because of the face problems are the important matter of concern, you may run for every product claiming to cure your problem. There are various types of products in the market, but they all have some chemical properties, and it is a well-known fact that natural products or ingredients are the best remedies.

The products with chemical properties are the ones that use a chemical with the natural ingredients which can be harmful to the skin. The products can be harmful and can severely damage your skin. Therefore, it is always best to go for natural remedies for skin care and beauty enhancement.

Best all-natural skin exfoliators

When we talk of the best, always he naturals in the field tops the list. Therefore, when we talk about the skin exfoliators, the naturals will obviously top in the list. There are many homemade all-natural things that are proven to be the face exfoliator. The natural remedies are proven to be the best for combination skin; they do not cause any harm to your skin. Also, the natural homemade remedies for skincare barely have any side effects.

Here is the list of the top and the best natural face exfoliators that you can use to get rid of various skin problems like oily skin, dry skin, and also combination skin.

exfoliators with salt


A wonderful exfoliation agent for the whole body is salt. Salt is the ingredient for all the exfoliation products as it is very helpful in eliminating the rough and dry patches on the skin caused due to the presence of dead skin cells. You can prefer using the citrus salt, and in case you do not get it, you can use the papaya sea salt scrub as your preference. If you are able to do the scrub with the hands, then you can use the sea salt hand scrub to cure the dry skin with cuticles.

exfoliators with sugar


The natural and common daily use items are proven to be the best thing for exfoliation. If you wish to exfoliate your face and that too with a natural and non-harmful thing finer than salt, then you can use fine sugar. Sugar is very helpful in gentle physical exfoliation for your face but make sure that you do not apply it over the eye area. A pumpkin sugar facial scrub is simple as well as beneficial on your skin. While using the sugar for face exfoliation, make sure that you do not forget the lips as they need exfoliation too.


Another natural remedy for skin related problems is coffee. Coffee is another most favorite natural exfoliating agent for combination skin. The remedy from coffee can be made in various ways, and all of them provide very effective results to the users. Ground coffee, when used for exfoliation, can be a great remedy for curing the cellulite. It is also helpful in fighting stretch marks when used molded-in cubes and applied.

Exfoliating bars


When you want to do exfoliation with the best face exfoliator for combination skin, then the exfoliating bars are also not behind in doing so for you. Why avoid measures in the shower when you want to achieve a fresh looking and perfectly glowing skin. You can use various exfoliating bars available in the market these days that are very gentle on your skin. Prefer choosing the soaps made of natural ingredients like seeds, cornmeal, coffee or oats


Milk is considered as one of the best face exfoliators for combination skin. The reason behind this is that the milk has lactic acid that is very effective in removing the dead skin cells. You can also add milk with whipped egg for dry skin or aloe vera for sensitive skin.

Wrapping up

You are already well aware of the benefits of using natural things and methods for curing various problems related to skin. No matter what your skin problem is, natural methods can cure them and finish the root cause of it. Make sure to choose the right natural agent according to your problem.